About Us

The Wild Pep Co. is an Indian online store bringing the finest selection of quality spices, oils, nuts, seeds, honey, and baking essentials. Our pure and refined products are perfect for regular home cooking or culinary experts.

We strive to help you live life full size with a delightful experience, life with exotic aromas, and wonderful memories of flavourful foods through our finest range of products. Bring gourmet quality into your kitchen. Select from our specialty items.

We the founders of 'The Wild Pep Co.' Sheena Jacob and Chandini M.S are committed to bringing you the best of the spices to make your culinary adventure enthralling and exotic with our wholesome and curated range of spices, nuts, seeds, and edible oils. We are passionate about what we do.
What do we do?

The Wild Pep Co. venture intends to bring the true taste of all our products that are tailor-made for your needs. Our Products are of premium quality with creative and ergonomically designed packaging which is also Eco-friendly. The packages are made from recycled materials, thereby contributing our part to preserve our environment.

Our Vision

The Wild Pep Co. pledges to deliver uncompromising quality and best in the market place customer experience. Customer satisfaction is ensured with our user-friendly interface, friendly checkout process, round the clock customer support for an amazing hassle-free, and smooth purchasing experience.

What makes us special?

Our peppers are cultivated naturally in an organic, pesticide, and chemical-free environment.

The spices and nuts are gathered from their geographical origin (GI tag products) cultivated from skilled, experienced farmers.

The Dates and Nuts are resourced and imported after meeting stringent quality parameters and measures, from our sources in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Our array of cold-pressed Oils are extracted naturally with a slow mechanical process retaining all the natural anti-oxidants, aroma, nutrients that are full of intrinsic goodness.

We ensure every product that is shipped is home-grown, free from additives, and chemical fertilizers.

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